Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Save both paper and email receipts in seconds

Almost all of us have receipts that we need to save for later. For some, it's to claim expenses for work. For others, it's to keep records for medical claims, or for tax purposes (just in case the tax man asks for proof for your various deductions) or for returning a product. Not only do accountants, insurance and tax agencies need evidence of your expenses, but if they don't get them on time, or they are not organized properly, there's a good chance that you won't get the money that's owed to you in a timely fashion (or sometimes not at all!).

The majority of people have a make-shift record keeping system that can cause a lot of stress when the need to find a receipt arises. For many people, receipts and important documents are stored in a shoebox, a random drawer or in their wallets (making it almost burst!). Not only are these messy ways to keep important receipts, but at the end of the month, it makes putting together your expense accounts a complete pain and something that takes hours rather than minutes.

Further, that make-shift system makes it much easier to lose or misplace a receipt, something that's going to make those guys and gals in accounting a little upset with you (to say the least). The fact is, with today's technology there's really no reason to have to worry about receipts anymore, including where to keep them, not losing them, and tallying everything up at the end of the month.

Fortunately, it's now much easier to get rid of this mess with smartphones. Imagine, just take a picture of your receipt and the picture is stored securely and privately on your phone and online. This way it's available whenever and wherever you need it. Importantly, the receipt's data is automatically read from the receipt and becomes part of a report that is sent to you. Even better, in the report all your receipt data is calculated and ready to be submitted, error free.

Nowadays, there are also many email or e-receipts we get from various services for air travel, hotel reservations, etc. Sure, they send you an email and it's already in your inbox... but the real question is whether you'll remember where it is when you need it. Again, it's pretty easy to save these digital receipts using your smartphone and email by simply forwarding the receipts the moment you get them. That way, it's all in one place and there's no need to remember to look for them later (which you just may forget to do - I know I have!).

Imagine, no more worrying about where those paper or e-receipts are buried, whether in a shoebox or your inbox. If you take a picture of your paper receipt, or forward your email receipts when you get them, it's already there waiting for you all nice and organized whenever you need it. Smartphones are good to make calls and share photos, but now you can also be far more productive and organized with them!

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