Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pull your Hello Receipts™ expenses into FreshBooks™ with one click

 Do you use FreshBooks™ for your small business or contract invoicing? Are you having trouble managing all your receipts? Don't waste time entering the data manually! Let Hello Receipts™ take care of your expenses and then FreshBooks™ can pull that information to manage the rest of your time tracking, invoicing and accounting.

Hello Receipts™ can be used with FreshBooks™ to track all your business expenses in a super easy way. Take pictures of your expenses with our iOS App or send them by email to We do the work behind the scenes, reading the payment and vendor info, and even separating the tax. At the end of your expensing cycle or when you are ready to invoice, you can pull all the data from your receipts into FreshBooks with the click of a button. Here's how to do it:

Go to your Hello Receipts™ + dashboard at Then, filter your receipts by date range or tags so you can choose which receipts you want to import into FreshBooks™.

Click on "Generate Report" to view your report filtered for a specified date range or your chosen tags. Now, choose "Export Data" and then "FreshBooks CSV."
 Save the downloaded file to a location of your choice. Sometimes your browser will automatically save the file to the "Downloads" directory. On Chrome and Firefox, the shortcut to list your "Downloads" directory is the Control Key + J.
 Once you have saved the file, log into your FreshBooks™ account, click on "Expenses" and then "File Import".
Hello Receipts™ is set up to use the default date and amount formats. Now, click Upload File.

The next screen should confirm the number of expense receipts you're importing.

Simply verify your expenses to make sure everything imported correctly.

Once you've completed importing your expenses, FreshBooks™ will have this data available for use.

That's it. Hello Receipts™ makes it easy for you to capture receipt data. There's no manual entry work.

We're constantly working to make your life easier so we'll make sure you're in the loop on any updates we make to this feature.

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