Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to generate good lookin' expense reports with Hello Receipts!

With Hello Receipts, it's really easy to generate professional expense reports that you can submit to your employer for reimbursement, book keeper for tax purposes or clients along with your invoice. If you haven't already seen what this report looks like, download a sample PDF report here. It contains a summary of your expenses with the scanned receipt images.

You can use any of the following methods to generate a report in a few seconds:

1. Web: Login to your account at  Filter the receipts by date, vendor, and tag. Then simply click 'Generate Report'.

On the next screen, you will see options to download a PDF report, Email Report (to yourself or someone else), and Export the Data in a CSV format (that you could use in FreshBbooks or other systems that support such a format).

You can also email expense reports to relevant people directly from Hello Receipts by using the Email Report option. 

2. iPhone: Open up the Hello Receipts App. In the receipts view, you will see a button named 'Filter'. Using it, you can choose the start date, end date, and tags with which you want a report generated.

Then, you can simply click the 'Download PDF Report' at the bottom of the list to view the report almost instantly on your phone. 

3. Android:  Open up the Hello Receipt App. In the receipts view, swipe from the left edge of the screen. The filter menu will slide out. Then, simply choose the date range and the tags you want to include in your report.  Now, simply touch 'Email Report' and you will be emailed a PDF report with all the data and receipt images.

4. Email:  If you added  receipts to your account in any given week, we send you a report by email at the end of that week. If that works for you, save it or forward it to whoever needs that information.

It's that simple, really!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Save both paper and email receipts in seconds

Almost all of us have receipts that we need to save for later. For some, it's to claim expenses for work. For others, it's to keep records for medical claims, or for tax purposes (just in case the tax man asks for proof for your various deductions) or for returning a product. Not only do accountants, insurance and tax agencies need evidence of your expenses, but if they don't get them on time, or they are not organized properly, there's a good chance that you won't get the money that's owed to you in a timely fashion (or sometimes not at all!).

The majority of people have a make-shift record keeping system that can cause a lot of stress when the need to find a receipt arises. For many people, receipts and important documents are stored in a shoebox, a random drawer or in their wallets (making it almost burst!). Not only are these messy ways to keep important receipts, but at the end of the month, it makes putting together your expense accounts a complete pain and something that takes hours rather than minutes.

Further, that make-shift system makes it much easier to lose or misplace a receipt, something that's going to make those guys and gals in accounting a little upset with you (to say the least). The fact is, with today's technology there's really no reason to have to worry about receipts anymore, including where to keep them, not losing them, and tallying everything up at the end of the month.

Fortunately, it's now much easier to get rid of this mess with smartphones. Imagine, just take a picture of your receipt and the picture is stored securely and privately on your phone and online. This way it's available whenever and wherever you need it. Importantly, the receipt's data is automatically read from the receipt and becomes part of a report that is sent to you. Even better, in the report all your receipt data is calculated and ready to be submitted, error free.

Nowadays, there are also many email or e-receipts we get from various services for air travel, hotel reservations, etc. Sure, they send you an email and it's already in your inbox... but the real question is whether you'll remember where it is when you need it. Again, it's pretty easy to save these digital receipts using your smartphone and email by simply forwarding the receipts the moment you get them. That way, it's all in one place and there's no need to remember to look for them later (which you just may forget to do - I know I have!).

Imagine, no more worrying about where those paper or e-receipts are buried, whether in a shoebox or your inbox. If you take a picture of your paper receipt, or forward your email receipts when you get them, it's already there waiting for you all nice and organized whenever you need it. Smartphones are good to make calls and share photos, but now you can also be far more productive and organized with them!

To learn more about to organize you receipts in seconds, click here.
Friday, July 26, 2013

Hola to our Android amigos!

We've been tinkering away for a few months, and we're  mucho happy to announce that our nifty little service is now available on Google Play. 

Now, you can manage all your receipts from your Android phone or tablet. We've made the following activities a whole lot easier:

  • Adding receipts using your camera 
  • Adding receipts from the picture gallery
  • Filtering your receipts by dates or tags
  • Getting access to your data (easily email yourself a PDF and Excel report with one-touch)

For our tablet users, we have included landscape support.  Further, you  can email in digital receipts at (learn more here) and it will be automatically added to your account. And yes, you can still always access all your data on the web at

Go ahead, download the Hello Receipts Android App and start organizing your receipts now.  
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Say NO to Data Entry

Today's busy professionals and entrepreneurs have responsibilities to many different people, including their clients, bosses, employees and... accounting. Yes, accounting. Not only do accountants and book keepers want every single shred of evidence about your expenses, but if they don't get them on time, or they are not organized properly, there's a good chance that you won't get money that's owed to you in a timely fashion (or sometimes not at all!).

This is an obvious problem and, in many cases, it's compounded because many professionals have an absolutely poor receipt keeping system that they use, storing receipts in a shoebox, and envelope or even stuffed into their wallets or purses until the point that they're almost ready to burst. Not only is this a messy way to keep important receipts but, at the end of the month, it makes putting together your expense accounts a complete pain and something that takes hours rather than minutes.

Not only that but it makes it much easier to lose or misplace a receipt, something that's going to make those guys and gals in accounting a little upset with you (to say the least). The fact is, with today's technology there's really no reason to have to worry about receipts anymore including where to keep them, how to make sure that you don't lose any and tallying everything up at the end of the month.

Leading the charge against laughable receipt keeping is our little company Hello Receipts™. We have come up with a unique way to keep track of every single receipt that you receive during the month and, better still, we take all of the numbers and put them together for you in an excellent fact sheet at the end of every month, something that's going to make your book keeper or folks in accounting actually start to like you.

Once you have our Hello Receipts™ app on your phone, every time you make a purchase all you need to do is simply take a photo of your receipt. If you have a receipt in your email, simply forward it

We then recognize the vendor name, transaction date, tax information, and total and make it available to you online anywhere. Importantly, at the end of your expense period or during tax time, you can easily export your data into various formats or a PDF report (check out a sample) and make the whole process almost dream-like for yourself and accounting.

Imagine, no more worrying about where that receipt from the purchase you made last week is. Moreover, just in case something needs to be returned, you have evidence even if you don't have the physical paper receipt any more. What Hello Receipts™ gives you is a secure and easy to use receipt storage and reporting service that's going to make your life much easier, at least as far as keeping track of your expenses is concerned.

So, if keeping track of your receipts isn't something that you find delightfully fun, then sign up for free now and take Hello Receipts™ for a spin. You just might love it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Hidden Cost of Taking the Family on a Business Trip


Having your spouse and kids hook up with you in NY City on the back end of a business trip can score huge points on the home front. You're there anyway, your flight has been paid for by the company, and you often get a great rate when extending the hotel room into the weekend. Simply put, you are getting a "deal" on a little family getaway.

The 3 day business trip starts on Wednesday at a lunch meeting with current clients. You pick up the tab, thanking them for being a loyal client. A quick cab ride uptown to pitch a prospect, followed by dinner and drinks back at your hotel with your sales team wraps up Day One. You charge all that to your room.

Thursday is similar in that you are cabbing it around Manhattan, having meals and jamming all your receipts in your purse or briefcase. The family arrives on Thursday afternoon at La Guardia and they grab a cab to the hotel and have dinner there. Your business dinner at the hotel ends around 9:00 and you meet them at the hotel. The kids head for the pool and you grab a nightcap with your spouse.

Friday is a day where the family heads out to see the sights while you close a big deal in Little Italy at Sofia's on Mulberry. You are so happy you forget to grab your paper receipt from the table.

The family rents a boat and some bikes in Central Park. Everyone reconnects at the hotel uptown in the afternoon. You cab it back to Little Italy for a relaxing bite to eat at Amici's that you discovered earlier in the day.

You can see where this is Sunday morning when you check out, you have a stack of receipts; some business and some personal. But no worries, you know which are which and will sort it all out at month end.

However, three weeks later when you're doing your expense report, you can't recall if the Thursday night restaurant charges on your hotel bill were with your staff or your family? Was the family meal on Friday at Amici's or Sofia's? You don't want to put in the wrong receipt to accounting and get a reputation of making mistakes. Not good for your credibility at work. So you end up spending 3 hours working through all the details to get it right.

Inevitably, you err on the side of not putting in a receipt that you should have claimed. Or worse yet, you threw out a bunch of receipts Sunday morning thinking they were personal ones and now you don't even have a couple of the business ones! The family trip that was supposed to be a "deal" has just cost you an extra two or three hundred bucks.

The key to making the vacation add-on cost effective? Organize your receipts THE MOMENT YOU GET THEM. Capture the receipt on your phone by taking a picture of it. That way the receipt can't get lost. You have your phone with you all the time. You now have a digital receipt and can more easily separate the personal ones from the business ones. And it saves you having to explain a $65 expense for a Boat Rental in Central Park!

How to get the most accurate response from Hello Receipts

Helping you save time is much easier when the pictures of your receipts are clear and complete. Next time you take a picture of your receipt, here are some tips to help us give you better results:

1. Make sure your picture is not blurry

The receipt pictured below is too blury to process. Make sure to focus in on the receipt and use the flash when necessary.

Blurry Receipt Example

2. Make sure you take a complete picture

Make sure that the vendor's name, purchase date and total is in the picture. We can make this stuff up, but we're not sure if you'd like that!
Blurry Receipt Example

Here's an example of a receipt we can easily process:

The receipt below is easy to read and complete. We can extract all the information you'd expect to see in your report.

Incomplete Receipt Example

The better your picture quality, the faster and more accurate our response!

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.
Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Organize paper and digital receipts in seconds by email

Did you know you it's super easy to organize BOTH paper and digital receipts using our simple email service?

Don't wait for TAX or EXPENSING time. File your receipts by email AS and WHEN YOU GET THEM. Here’s how:


Don't let electronic receipts get BURIED in your inbox. Simply forward it to We'll send you a confirmation once we've processed and added it to your account.
Power Tip: Categorize your expenses using #hashtags in the email subject or first line of your body.


Is your invoice a PDF attachment? Not a problem. Again, simply forward it to


Just SNAP a picture of your receipt WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT and SEND it to
We'll let you know when we've PROCESSED and ADDED the receipt to YOUR EXPENSE REPORT.